The Making of Butterfly

Many a weaver has been inspired by the incredible contemporary tapestries coming out of Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh, Scotland. They’ve recently completed a piece designed by artist Alison Watt and commissioned by the Scottish Opera. Below is a short video of not only the process of weaving her design but also the fascinating sounds that surround the weavers at the studio.

What I love most about the video is its accurate and beautiful portrayal of the weaving process itself – from selecting and blending colors, winding bobbins, and inking on to rolling up the work as you go (and not rolling it back to see what you’ve already woven!) and the palpable excitement of cutting a finished tapestry from the loom. It’s certainly the most comprehensive video I’ve seen of the process, from start to finish. And it reminds me exactly why tapestry as a weaving form continues to captivate me more and more with every piece.

Read more about the making of this tapestry here.


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